A post online that describes a dog eating poison gopher pellets has Winnipeg’s dog community concerned.  

The poster said his dog ingested the pellets at Little Mountain Park in the off-leash area and that the dog required a trip to the vet.

According to the post, the vet told the man the dog ate almost a cup of the pellets.

The animal's medical bill totalled $250.

Dog owner Ralph Hubert uses Little Mountain Park several times a week and said the post upset him.

“It’s irresponsible. It should have happened and I don’t ever want to have to see that happen,” he said.

The City of Winnipeg said it hires professional pest control companies to treat gophers in city parks.

It said those companies are responsible for putting up signs clearly marking treated areas but dog owners say signs weren’t visible.

“Whoever’s doing the job for them, just inform them to maybe put better signage out so people are aware, hey this is being done so be careful with your pets,” said park user Joe Faria.

The city said it has treated for gophers for years and that the holes left by the critters are dangerous for dogs and people.

The practice involves placing pellets deep within gopher holes and then back-filling the holes with fresh soil.

The city said it is investigating the incident described in the online posting.