A man was taken to hospital in critical condition, and later died, after he was shot in a bus station on Main Street on Sunday afternoon.

Staff Sergeant Andrew Smith said that a suspect has been arrested and a weapon has been recovered.

"A male was standing in the bus shack that you see over there and another male approached him, pulled out a gun, and shot him," said Smith early on in the investigation.

Police have not released the name of the victim, but Nancy Goulet said it is her son, Darren Walsh. 

Goulet received a call from a close friend of her son saying that he had been shot.

"I can't believe this could have happened. I really can't believe somebody could shoot somebody in broad daylight in front of everybody. It has to be a cold-hearted person to do something like that," Goulet said.

Walsh's 25th birthday is next week, she added. He wasn't involved in gangs and hasn't ever been in a fight.

A friend of Walsh, Elmer Catcheway, said his ten-year-old niece was with Walsh when he was shot.

"It's a horrible thing for her to see," he said.

Main Street southbound between Euclid Avenue and Stella Walk and northbound Main Street between Selkirk Avenue and Stella Walk was closed for the investigation.