Two people walked away without injuries after a fiery helicopter crash near the Steinbach North Airport Saturday morning.

Steinbach Deputy Fire Chief Ron Chausse said a call came in around 8:30 a.m., and the Steinbach Fire Department, EMS and RCMP responded.

Chausse said a man and woman were able to get out on their own and we’re not injured, but the helicopter was destroyed.

He said the crash caused a small fire which was extinguished, and the scene has been turned over to Transport Canada and RCMP.

Chausse said the aircraft was found about 300 metres away from the runway and described it as a small, recreational helicopter

He said the cause of the crash is not known at this time.

The RCMP also confirmed the man and woman got out safely.

“It appears as though a small helicopter was attempting to land at the airport when it rolled onto its side and caught on fire,” police said in an email to CTV News.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada, the agency which investigates incidents that happen in the air, has been notified, RCMP said.

Chris Krepski, a spokesperson with the TSB, said the helicopter was homebuilt and got in trouble not far from the ground.

“The helicopter was in fact in a low hover, about a foot off the ground, and there was a loss of control. The pilot attempted to land the helicopter and it rolled onto its side,” said Krepski in a phone call with CTV News.

Krepski said there are regulations in place for amateur built helicopters.

He said the TSB is not deploying investigators to the site nor is the agency investigating the incident because it does not meet the criteria for an investigation.

Saturday afternoon the wreckage had been cleared and emergency responders were no longer at the airport.