WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba government is investing $10 million to help support community organizations, municipalities and provincial parks providing Green Team projects this summer – nearly double the size of the 2019 investment.

The premier made the announcement at a news conference on Tuesday.

“We recognize the important role meaningful work provides for young people in our province and we know that the private sector is struggling right now,” said Premier Brian Pallister.

“As we’ve seen with the latest StatsCan employment numbers, so it’s important that we, through our government programs up our game and support community-based organizations in creating jobs and opportunities across the province.”

Green Team grants are given to non-profits and municipal governments to hire youth and young adults to work on community projects from May to August.

The province noted the $10 million in funding should support over 2,000 jobs this summer.

“These investments are going to help our youth gain critical work experience, they’re going to help our employers during the response and recovery phases of the COVID-19 pandemic and they’re going to help build our economy as well,” Pallister said.

In order to receive this funding, organizations need to follow physical distancing guidelines as mandated by the chief provincial public health officer. Any organization that is unable to follow public health orders can resubmit alternative work proposals.

“We will be encouraging our municipal partners and others to advance additional green projects in the coming weeks and we’re very excited to see the opportunities those will provide for our young people throughout the province,” the premier said.

The Green Program is split up into streams, including urban (Winnipeg) and hometown (all other municipalities). Provincial parks will also be able to give jobs to people ages 15 to 29.

Through this initiative, young people will get the chance to work on community development projects that help neighbourhoods, promote community involvement, and develop leadership skills. The funding also provides funding to provincial parks to create jobs for those wants to work with wildlife, forestry, or help at interpretive centres.