The journey to become a doctor is a long one.

It takes years of education in school, followed by long hours as a resident.

Even making it into medical school can be a major challenge – 110 students make up the class of 2020 at the University of Manitoba.

One of those students, Glennis Bushie, said she sometimes had doubts she'd make it. However, her young daughter, Chloe, erased those doubts.

"She just looked up at me and said, ‘mummy, when are you going to be a doctor’”, recalled Bushie. "It was that moment, that look in her eye that I realized, one day her mom was going to be a doctor."

They pinkie swore she would not let anything stand in the way of that goal.

What she didn't know then, was that she was swearing to keep going on after her daughter suddenly died just days before her sixth birthday.

"That pinkie promise to her is what got me out of bed after her funeral," said Bushie.

Now with laser like focus, she's one step closer to her goal. A goal that now includes studying more than just medicine, she's also learning Ojibwe.

"For me communication is key," said Bushie. "I feel part of our past communication wasn't there, and for me, it's that bridge."

Just as that promise to her daughter is helping her to cross a bridge of knowledge, she’s focused on the medical degree waiting on the other side.