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Manitoba's record-breaking snow maze opens following warm weather delays


Though navigating your way through the world’s largest snow maze has its challenges, trying to build it during Manitoba’s mild winter is no walk in the snow either.

Now, after some weather-related delays, A Maze in Corn’s Snow Maze finally opened over the weekend.

According to owner Clint Masse, his crew had everything ready to open the maze – albeit a little later than usual. However, then 10 days of warm weather and some turned the maze into a slippery mess.

After that, the crew had to get back to work to turn things around.

“Just the amount of effort and energy that my staff had to come to, because this was all one big, giant sheet of ice, for one thing,” Masse said in an interview on Sunday.

“So we have to make it safe for everybody and then we have to clean up the mess the rain left. It was a real struggle.”

Masse said they’ve never had to deal with these kinds of weather conditions, adding that it’s not something he ever expected could happen.

“If someone were ever to say to me, ‘Aren’t you worried you’ll never be able to make the snow maze or the Den Restaurant?’ I’d look at them sideways and go, ‘Hey, this is Winterpeg. This is a climate that always offers winter,’” he said.

“In fact, we always complain about too much cold. Yeah, polar opposite. Ten days of plus temperatures. Snow is not made for that.”

The maze, which is known as the world’s largest, is now open, along with Snow Mountain. However, the sleigh rides, snow bar, and luge are still postponed due to the unseasonably warm weather.

- With files from CTV’s Gary Robson. Top Stories

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