Winter adventure and safety was top-of-mind at Manitoba’s ski-slopes Saturday.

"I felt a bit nervous coming down the first couple of times, but as the day’s gone on, I’ve felt more and more comfortable," said rookie snowboarder Michael Dueck, whose trip to Stony Mountain Ski Area on Saturday was only his second time snowboarding.

Manitoba ski hills, in conjunction with hills across the country, hosted the first annual ski patrol safety day. Organizers said the day is meant to encourage young people to think about safety without has selling or nagging them.

"And for the young kids to understand just as extreme sport as sky diving or bungee jumping, you wouldn’t go do it without proper equipment, and this is bringing awareness to that equipment," said Robert Paige, a ski patroller at Stony Mountain.

Paige said 80 per cent of accidents involve concussions.

He said down-hill enthusiasts can stay safe by wearing helmets and identifying risks on the slopes.