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Manitobans, Canadians would support federal fuel tax holiday: Angus Reid poll

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Manitobans and Canadians wouldn't be opposed to a federal fuel tax holiday according to new data released by Angus Reid.

The pollster asked Canadians if they would welcome a break at the pumps. It comes after federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre called for a fuel tax holiday for the summer before the adjournment of the House of Commons.

Angus Reid found 56 per cent of people polled supported tax relief in the summer. The province supporting the idea the most was Saskatchewan at 71 per cent, while Quebec was the lowest at 42 per cent.

Sixty per cent of Manitobans supported the idea, 29 per cent said there shouldn't be a pause and another 11 per cent were not sure.

Manitoba is already feeling the benefits of a provincial pause on the gas tax, which removes 14 cents per litre. The pause was put in place from January to June, with the provincial government announcing a three-month extension in April.

When looking at the economic stress index, the poll found those who classified themselves as struggling, were the ones who were most likely to support a pause of the gas tax at 74 per cent. However, 53 per cent of people who feel they are thriving were against a pause.

When asked about political affiliation, those who support the Conservatives were the most likely to support a pause at 90 per cent, but the majority of Liberal and NDP supporters were opposed to taking a gas tax break at 61 and 55 per cent respectively.

Angus Reid conducted the survey online between June 14-20 and took a random sample of 4,204 Canadian adults. Angus Reid said this sample size would have a margin of error of +/- 1.5 19 times out of 20. Top Stories

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