WINNIPEG -- Manitobans appear to be split over the province’s proposal to lift the requirement for travellers from Eastern Canada to self-isolate for 14 days.

The potential relaxed restrictions are outlined in phase four of Manitoba’s draft plan to reopen.

“I think they (the province) should hold off for at least a month and a half - at least to be on the safe side,” said Kalwant Kaul.

Kaul, along with family member Ranjit Singh, spent Wednesday afternoon at The Forks, a tourist attraction that could soon see more visitors if the proposed phase four reopening plan gets the green light.

“In other provinces and in the States, wherever relaxation has taken place, cases have jumped,” Kaul said.

Right now, only travellers from west of Terrace Bay, Ont. are allowed to enter Manitoba without isolating for two weeks.

The province said as of Wednesday afternoon, around 20,000 Manitobans took part in an online survey to give their input on the phase four draft plan. 

Kieran Moolchan was one of them.

“The number one way we see cases come in is through travel. So not doing this seems like it goes against what we’re trying to accomplish.” 

Moolchan works in the travel sector and said he personally thinks the government is rushing into things. 

“There is a difference between trying to live with something and trying to get things back 100 per cent to normal.”


On Wednesday, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said opening the door to all visitors is an important part of restarting the economy. 

“We have to concern ourselves with giving people their lives back and that means getting their jobs back. That means having people come here.”

“Tourism is so important,” said Donna Purvis, who runs Pulse Gallery in Forks Market. “I can see there is a need.”

She said she supports making travel to Manitoba easier, so long as tourists behave responsibly. 

Purvis also said reopening to all Canadian travellers seems inevitable. 

“They can’t keep everything shut down forever," she said. "It’s just too hard on small businesses.”