TORONTO - There will be some new faces at the table when the NHL's collective bargaining talks resume tomorrow in New York -- and some familiar faces will be missing.

A select group of owners and players is scheduled to meet after the Players' Association accepted an invitation from commissioner Gary Bettman to change the dynamic at the bargaining table.

Bettman won't be part of the talks and neither will Players' Association executive director Donald Fehr, although each side will have a limited number of staff or counsel present.

Four of the six owners scheduled to attend the meeting -- Winnipeg's Mark Chipman, Toronto's Larry Tanenbaum, Pittsburgh's Ron Burkle and Jeff Vinik of Tampa Bay -- will be taking part in their first CBA session.

Calgary Flames owner Murray Edwards and Boston's Jeremy Jacobs -- both part of the NHL's negotiating team -- will also be in attendance.

The NHLPA is still finalizing the list of six players it will send to the session.

The idea for the meeting was suggested last week by Bettman after two days of mediated talks failed to make any progress.