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Fugitive turtle delights Winnipeg hospital staff

A turtle found inside a washroom at HSC on Feb, 23. 2024. (HSC Winnipeg/X) A turtle found inside a washroom at HSC on Feb, 23. 2024. (HSC Winnipeg/X)

Staff at Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre are used to visitors, but this scaly visitor is something they’ve never seen before.

The hospital said they recently found a turtle in the bathroom a week ago.

“It probably came in with a visitor or a patient in their backpack,” said Michael Houston, environmental services director with Shared Health. “I assume they went to the washroom and they got loose.”

Houston said the reptile was found in a second-floor bathroom by a member of the cleaning staff.

“They didn’t know what to do, so they brought it back to the office,” he said. “We called around a bit, and then our administrative assistant took the turtle home.”

The turtle, who was initially named George, is now known as Shell-Don, and Houston said he is receiving good care.

Houston said they are prepared to give the turtle back to its rightful owner if they come forward.

If you are missing a turtle from the hospital, please email Top Stories

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