Emily Cablek is getting ready to spend Christmas with her children for the first time in multiple years.

“It's Christmas time and of course I couldn’t be more excited to be celebrating it with my kids this year,” said Cablek.

Her son Dominic and daughter Abby vanished in 2008 after their father failed to return them from a visit.

Cablek didn’t know if she’d see them again.

This spring, officials rescued the children after they were located in Mexico. They were returned to their mom in May.

Their father, Kevin Maryk, faces abduction charges.

“I think it's difficult for anyone to really understand. The kids are home, problem solved - that kind of thing, and it's not that simple,” said Cablek.

She said she’s overjoyed to have her children back, but there is still a long road ahead for the family.

After four years without schooling, Abby and Dominic are back in classes.

Cablek said the kids are doing well and are making friends, but are adjusting to following schedules and trusting authorities.

“They're amazing children. They're very resilient and I'm really happy to see them moving forward,” she said.

Cablek wishes she could do more for her children, but said the family is struggling financially since she’s on disability.

Cablek said watching the kids’ excitement at seeing snow for the first time in years was bittersweet.

"It was weeks after the snow fell that they had their snowsuits and I felt so upset that I couldn't get that for them right away,” she said.

Cablek wishes there was more support for families dealing with similar circumstances and said she’s especially frustrated when she compares her situation to systems in place for criminals.

Maryk requested to be extradited from a prison in Mexico back to Winnipeg.

“He comes back to Canada and he’s got three meals a day and he’s got a roof over his head and taxpayers pay for that,” she said. Maryk has a court hearing set for January.

Cablek said for this holiday she’s going to focus on the reunion with her children and will also look to the family’s future together.