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More than 400 kg of methamphetamine seized at Manitoba border; largest seizure in Prairie history


The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) and RCMP seized 406 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine at a southern Manitoba border crossing earlier this month.

It is the largest seizure of narcotics by the CBSA in Prairie history.

“Without a doubt, their work has made an impact and will stem the availability of this incredibly dangerous drug, a drug that has already impacted so many lives,” said Insp. Joe Telus with Manitoba RCMP’s Federal Policing Unit.

According to Ken MacGregor, CBSA chief of operations, the seizure took place on Jan. 14 at the Boissevain port of entry following the search of a transport truck heading to Winnipeg from the United States.

“This truck was selected for further examination,” he said. “It was during that examination that officers found narcotics in several large suitcases.”

The seized drugs are valued at approximately $50,780,000, the CBSA said.

The driver has been charged with importing methamphetamine and possession for the purpose of trafficking. He will appear in Manitoba court in February.

Telus said even though an arrest has been made and drugs seized, there is still a lot of investigative work to do.

“Normally, this type of seizure is the result of an extensive, years-long investigation,” he said. “In this instance, we have a massive quantity of drugs, and now need to work backwards and look at every detail.”

Telus believes due to the origin and size of the shipment that organized crime at the local, national and international levels are involved, and the drugs would have been distributed in Winnipeg, Western Canada and Ontario.

“Large illicit drug shipments such as this one, and the subsequent distribution of these drugs, is closely associated with increased violence in our communities, as street gangs and organized crime networks fight over territory and who gets to sell to the users,” he said.

“That’s why this seizure is so important. It will make a difference to many lives and communities throughout our country.” Top Stories

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