“This past Thursday, myself & my sister, in from Phoenix, AZ for Mother’s Day, went to Yujiro Japanese Restaurant on Grant Ave. for lunch. A young man, who we didn’t know, surprised us by paying for our lunch! My heart is still smiling! Thanks!”

- Brenda Beck


“2 young men aged 8&6 (my guess)walked into our building. The younger gentleman held the door open for me, the 8 year old was holding the inside door for me when I told him I wanted to check my mail so he put a garbage In the door to keep it unlocked for me! Someone did a very good job raising these boys! I praised them and told them how impressed I was.”

- Yvonne Piche


“My father and brother caught pickerel fish, cleaned and filleted it. They gave some away to some elderly people in our community.”

- Erynn Moar


“We were short staffed at work yesterday, then I blew out my tire early in the shift - coworker Amy Young pulled double duty to help me out. Missing out on Mother’s Day at home with her precious babies. She saved my butt!”

- Nicole Sabot Carter


“My son made me smile last week with his generosity. We were leaving the no frills on main street and there was a younger gentleman asking for money or food. My young man looked at the bag of apples in his hand and said "mom can I " I said sure, so he ran back to this guy and gave him an apple. He said thank you and god bless you little man. He was smiling from ear to ear! Such a proud moment with my boy. He told me if he sees this guy again he will give him the water bottle he has for school so no matter where he goes this guy will have the ability to get fresh cold water. Proud momma over here! Always be kind is our family mantra.”

- Cathy Kay

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