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New Costco location planned for Winnipeg


It appears a new Costco grocery store is setting up shop in Winnipeg.

Plans that first surfaced a few years ago seemed to go cold.

A report to the city’s Assiniboia Community Committee says a commercial building with a floor area of 166,843 square feet is planned for the Westport Festival development near the Red River Ex grounds and Assiniboia Downs. Renderings show a gas station and one of the prototypes shows 923 parking stalls.

Mayor Scott Gillingham says this is good news.

“The fact that Costco is expanding to Winnipeg, adding another location, they’re making a significant financial investment in our community, and I’m pleased to see that.” said Gillingham This would be Winnipeg’s fourth Costco in an area that is seeing a lot of new housing. University of North Dakota marketing instructor Robert Warren says this location makes sense.

“That fourth Costco is ideal for the population trends we’re seeing in Manitoba right now.” said Warren.

Shoppers who live near the site say this is long overdue and convenient. Wayne Hanna lives nearby, he says this will cut down his grocery commute.

“Especially in the winter time, less driving in bad conditions on the Perimeter to get to McGillivray.” said Hanna Lorie-Anne Bretecher. 

But it could have an impact on other grocery stores in and out of the city as it adds to an already competitive market. Food Fare owner Munther Zeid isn’t worried.

“It is another competitor but I believe it’s going to affect the bigger block stores in the neighbourhoods, not me.” said Zeid.

It’s unclear when shovels could hit the ground. Costco declined an interview request, saying company policy dictates it does not comment on new locations until it is ready to share details, usually two to three months in advance.

A public hearing is set for Wednesday at City Hall where Costco is asking for variances to the number of bike parking spaces and loading areas. 

The city’s public service is recommending councillors approve the changes. Top Stories

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