WINNIPEG -- Manitoba health officials announced new protocols regarding the delivery of food to frontline workers.

"The generosity of restaurants and businesses have been on full display this past month," said Lanette Siragusa, chief nursing officer for Shared Health. "So, we want to thank everyone for their support."

Healthcare workers will no longer be able to accept foods packaged in cardboard or Styrofoam, only plastic containers that can be wiped down with a disinfectant wipe will be allowed.

Siragusa also asked that food be individually packaged whenever possible.

She said when dropping off the food, the delivery should be left at the entrance, and the person dropping the items off must ensure physical distancing measures are followed.

Healthcare staff must wash their hands before the delivery, after disinfecting the containers and after eating.

"These new guidelines are really meant to further reduce the risk of spreading the virus to patients staff and volunteers," said Siragusa.

She also noted that food donations are very much appreciated by the staff.

A full outline of the new protocols can be found here