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New video shows incident between Khan and Kinew at Manitoba legislature


New video has been shared of an incident between Manitoba cabinet minister Obby Khan and Opposition NDP Leader Wab Kinew, two weeks after Khan accused Kinew of swearing at him and shoving him at a public event inside the legislature.

On April 13, Khan, who is the minister of sport, culture and heritage, said the incident happened during a ceremony marking Turban Day, a commemoration of Sikh and Punjabi cultures.

Later, Kinew denied the accusation, but did note there was a "tense verbal exchange."

"The leader of the Opposition pulled me in and said, 'You piece of s---. How dare you politicize this f---ing event. What you did is f---ing wrong,"' Khan told the legislature chamber later that afternoon.

"I said, 'You should not have said these partisan things.' (Khan) comes back at me and he says, 'You have no class,"' Kinew said.

"My colleague (NDP MLA Mintu Sandhu) was beginning to speak, and so I turned and said we should listen," Kinew continued.

"At no time was there any swearing. At no time was there any name calling. And the interaction was of words exchanged, albeit tensely, over a handshake."

Speaker Myrna Driedger was looking into the matter.

On Wednesday, Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen said there is a video of the incident and a resolution needed to be passed before it could be shared.

"The resolution could be passed in a matter of seconds, essentially, in the house, if all parties agree," said Goertzen during Question Period.

Following Goertzen's comments, a resolution was passed and the video was shared with CTV News Winnipeg by the Speaker's office.

In the video, which doesn't have audio, Khan can be seen shaking Kinew's hand, before the two started a conversation. At one point, while the two are still shaking hands, Kinew is seen pulling Khan back in as he tried to walk away. The conversation continued and then Khan walked away from Kinew.

"Minister Khan lied to Manitobans when he told them 'there was a shove in stomach' following his interaction with Mr. Kinew," an NDP Caucus spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

"Video evidence proves he lied about a serious accusation."

In a phone interview with CTV News Wednesday evening, Khan said the video shows there is an awkward conversation for more than 40 seconds.

"You can see that, you know, I'm being forcefully held there twice. Twice, you can see the Leader of the Opposition, Wab, pull me back in twice to the conversation. You can see from the video that Wab was the aggressor," said Khan.

When asked about the alleged shove, Khan said unequivocally it happened.

"I said it was a physical shove in the stomach as we were departing handshakes. I'm a big guy, I said that, you could shove me in the stomach almost as hard as you want and if you were watching from the back, you wouldn't see me move."

Khan said he is still wanting an authentic apology from Kinew for what happened in the incident.

In regards to looking into the matter, Driedger said Wednesday she couldn't rule on the matter as it happened outside the chamber.

However, she did have choice words for the two involved.

"I cannot count how many times I have stood in this spot and asked members to do better in your interactions with one another. I have expressed this sentiment in many ways over the years and each time I felt hopeful that the message would resonate. I am going to try that again now and I truly hope that you will all take this message to heart," said Driedger.

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