WINNIPEG -- From a police perspective, it was quiet. From a fan perspective, the impromptu street party Sunday evening following the Blue Bombers’ decisive Grey Cup triumph was anything but.

It was an exuberant celebration 29 years in the making.

Winnipeg police said fans gathered at Portage Avenue and Main Street were well behaved, with no arrests reported.

At the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street, fans dressed in Bomber jerseys from many eras, or in wacky blue-and-gold themed costumes high-fived each other continuously and shouted congratulations to their team. 

The crowd was estimated at around 1000 people. 

For many fans, either on the street or at one of hundreds of Grey Cup gatherings across the city, it was a night of overwhelming emotion after a 29-year Grey Cup drought. 

Fans eventually dispersed after a long night of partying, but they’ll get another chance to celebrate at the Bombers’ Grey Cup party, set for Tuesday afternoon.