WINNIPEG -- There are no new cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba as of Thursday, keeping the total number of cases at 325.

According to the Manitoba government, there are currently 16 active cases of the virus in the province, which is two less than what was reported on Wednesday.

Since the first case of COVID-19 was announced in Manitoba back in March, seven people in the province have died and 302 have recovered from the virus. No one is currently in the hospital or intensive care in Manitoba for COVID-19.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, the province completed 1,015 laboratory tests, bringing the total number of tests performed since February to 64,329.


Manitoba previously announced that one of the province’s confirmed cases was a passenger on Air Canada flight AC 295 from Winnipeg to Vancouver on June 18, as well as AC 122 from Vancouver to Toronto on June 21, and AC 259 from Toronto to Winnipeg on June 23.

Those who were in rows 19 to 25 on AC 295 and rows 24 to 30 on AC 259 are considered a close contact and are at risk of exposure. The province urges them to self-isolate for 14 days after the flight and monitor for symptoms. Anyone on these flights, but not in the impacted seats, should still monitor for symptoms.

Information about which rows were impacted on AC 122 is being confirmed and will be updated when possible.

The Manitoba government notes the testing site located at 1284 Main Street closed on Thursday at noon for the rest of the day, because of an issue with the air conditioner. Staff from this location have been redeployed to the site at St. James Centennial Pool, located at Parkdale Street.