WINNIPEG -- The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service says the risk of grass and wildland fires is higher this year due to a dry spring. This comes as crews respond to a bonfire that got out of control and caused a large grass fire in the Saint Germain neighbourhood.

The WFPS said on Monday shortly before 8:30 p.m. crews were called to a large area of grass burning in the 400 block of Forbes Road. When the crews arrived, they found the fire which was about 75 feet long and spreading quickly.

"An attack was launched using specialized wildland-urban interface equipment, including the WFPS Bisons, and the fire was quickly brought under control," the WFPS said in a news release.

WFPS said no injuries were reported, and no structures were damaged.

The WFPS said the grass fire was caused by a bonfire that grew out of control.

"This fire was the first significant grass fire of the year in Winnipeg," the WFPS said in a news release.

"Every year grass and wildland fires cause significant damage to green spaces and required many firefighters to extinguish them and to protect neighbouring properties at-risk."

The WFPS said this spring has dryer than average conditions, and so it expects the risk of grass and wildland fires to be higher than normal, and has some tips for people to prevent the fires:

  • When wind speeds are greater than 25 km/h, permitted fire activities such as open fires, fire pits, and fireworks are not allowed, regardless of whether or not there is a fire ban in place.
  • Ensure you have a permit from the City of Winnipeg for any open-air fires.
  • All fires in approved fire pits and/or burn barrels must be kept away from structures and trees. The pits or barrels must have a spark arrestor and fires must be at least 10 feet away from any combustibles.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Always have a means to extinguish your fire readily available.
  • All firewood piles should be kept away from homes or other structures.
  • Never dispose of cigarettes out of car windows or while walking on outdoor paths because they can smoulder and start a fire. (WFPS)