Premier Brian Pallister says complaints about inappropriate conduct have come across his desk since taking office.

In the wake of the Stan Struthers scandal Pallister was asked if he was aware of any complaints within his political staff or civil service.

Pallister says a complainant came forward about two separate incidents and the premier says the situation was handled to the satisfaction of that person.

He says he won't elaborate on what positions anyone involved held in government at the time to protect the privacy of the complainant.

He also wouldn't say if any discipline was handed down to any individual.

Pallister says he wants to foster a culture where people can come forward without any fear of their jobs being impacted.

Last week women spoke out their concerns about groping and tickling by former NDP minister Stan Struthers fell on deaf ears under the previous Selinger government.

Pallister says he will announce measures next week to ensure that never happens again.

"Unwanted touching of other people for example is not on" said Pallister.

He says one of the changes will see an arm’s length body created where people can come forward with complaints.

NDP Leader Wab Kinew announced a similar measure last week.

Kinew has launched an internal investigation to see what happened.

Former Premier Greg Selinger apologized Tuesday, that the alleged misconduct by Struthers happened under his watch.

Struthers did not run for re-election in 2016.

Following the revelations that surfaced last week, Diabetes Canada has confirmed Struthers has resigned from its board.