The Manitoba government announced Tuesday it’s issuing a Crown Land Use Permit to Peguis First Nation, giving them exclusive use of a quarry.

“This is another opportunity for us to take control of our own destiny and work to ensure the long-term protection of our traditional lands and habitat,” said Chief Glen Hudson in a news release.

“We are always ready to look after our lands, and we welcome the opportunity for new economic growth and employment opportunities for our community.”

The province said the permit is part of its goal to have the Crown land moved through the treaty land entitlement transfer process, with it eventually being established as Peguis First Nation Reserve.

“Our government is committed to advancing reconciliation with First Nations communities and we fully support Peguis First Nation in its efforts to achieve economic independence,” said Premier Brian Pallister in the news release.

“The leadership of Peguis have shown they are committed to the responsible development of new economic opportunities for their people, and we are proud to work in partnership with them.”

The premier also said the government is helping Peguis take on certain management roles in the Mantagao Lake Wildlife Managament area, which includes a campground the first nation is interested in managing. The province is creating a working group to help Peguis devise a plan for the campground that’s compatible with the Mantagao Lake Wildlife Managament area’s requirements.

“This partnership will create growth for our future and economic development in the community,” said Indigenous and Northern Relations Minister Eileen Clarke in the release.