Winnipeg Police are warning the public of counterfeit bills being circulated in the city.

The bills, commonly in $100 denomination, may end up in the hands of consumers or retailers.

Police are advising the public to check the money they receive, and remind people that they have no obligation to accept bills they think might be a fake.

Police have not stated whether the counterfeit bills look like the new polymer notes or the older bills.

The Bank of Canada has information regarding identifying counterfeit money on their website at Information on American bills can be found at

If you believe you may have received a counterfeit bill, the police offer this advice:

  • Inspect it closely and compare it to a known authentic bill if possible.
  • If safe to do so, retain the bill and ask the customer for another form of payment.  As a consumer, decline the note and request another form of change.
  • Try to obtain identification from the suspect, and note a description of the suspect or vehicle plate information.
  • Notify police immediately.

Contact the police with any information you might have regarding suspected counterfeit money by calling the Commercial Crime Unit at 204 986-6231 or by calling Crime Stoppers at 204 786-TIPS (8477).