The mayoral vote in Brandon will be a close one, according to the numbers from a recently released poll.

The poll by Probe Research commissioned by the Brandon Sun found two of the mayoral candidates in Brandon each had the support of 49 per cent of the decided voters polled.

Incumbent mayor Dave Burgess and challenger Shari Decter Hirst are neck-and-neck when all of the eligible decided voters are taken into account, according to poll.

However, the polling firm noted that turnout in municipal elections can be low and only 64 per cent of the respondents said they would "definitely" cast a ballot. When only those dedicated voters were taken into account, Decter Hirst was shown to have 52 percent of the support and Burgess was shown to have 46 per cent of the support of decided voters.

Of that group of decided voters, 32 per cent said they remain undecided about who they will vote for or refused to reveal their preference.

The two other mayoral candidates, Henry Hansen and Nickolas Avlonitis, have the support of just a handful of Brandon residents, according to the poll.

Probe Research conducted telephone interviews using modified random digit dialing with a random sampling 401 citizens from across Brandon between Oct. 6 and Oct. 14.

With a sample of 401 people, one can say with 95 per cent certainty that the results are within +/- 4.9 percentage points of what they would have been if the entire adult population of Brandon had been interviewed, the polling firm said. Minor statistical weighting was applied to the sample to ensure that the age and gender balance correspond with the city as a whole.