WINNIPEG -- More than 1,000 people are without power in the Interlake region, and two schools have been closed after damaged equipment caused widespread outages on Wednesday morning.

Manitoba Hydro first tweeted about the outage in the Woodlands area on Tuesday evening.

The Crown corporation said that damaged equipment at the St. Laurent substation caused an extended outage to about 1,800 customers.

The damage required “extensive” overnight repairs, according to Manitoba Hydro. 

On Wednesday morning around 2:40 a.m., Hydro said it brought in a temporary substation as an alternate source for restoration, though a fair bit of work remains.

It noted the estimated time for restoration is 10 a.m. as crews work to energize the substation. However, this depends on how quickly the work can get done in a safe manner.

On Wednesday morning, the Prairie Rose School Division announced the St. Laurent School will be closed for the day due to the power outage. Staff at the school are asked to work from home.

Aurèle-Lemoine school in Saint-Laurent said it will be closing for the day because of the power outage as well.