A little piece of Winnipeg’s history is up for sale to the highest bidder.

A prototype of Old Market Square’s The Cube is now up for sale online.

Meghan Athavale is the current owner of the prototype of the iconic Winnipeg venue. Several years ago Athavale was hired to try and make the cube more interactive. Her company was given a large prototype to tinker with. The project was eventually abandoned, but the smaller cube is still in Athavale’s garage.

Now she’s hoping to sell it before she leaves for a conference in New York.

“I don’t own any clothes for New York, so I decided I would put it up on Kijiji and try to sell it to somebody that wanted a piece of Winnipeg history,” said Athavale.

Athavale said she has received numerous offers so far – the highest being $500. She said she’d also take clothing gift certificates instead of cash.

The real cube was recently shut down by the city because of structural issues. Several upcoming shows had to be moved.

The Exchange District BIZ said the damage is likely just wear and tear.