The provincial government announced an expansion to a south Winnipeg school that will add child-care spaces and increase the number of classrooms.

The renovations to the Bonnycastle School in the Pembina Trails School Division will include building eight new classrooms.

"It was very obvious that they needed this additional capacity to have classrooms and additional daycare spots because of the number of young, working families in the area," said Premier Greg Selinger.

In the last year and a half, the school's population has grown by more than 150 students.

The Cairns Children’s Centre, located in the school, will get 74 new child-care spaces and the school’s French immersion program will also be expanded, said the province.

The province said Pembina Trails School Division will work with a consultant to start design work, with the expansion expected to be completed by the spring or summer of 2014.

Some parents who spoke to CTV News Tuesday said more space is definitely needed.

"They're definitely is a rapidly growing population and something more needs to be done," said Sarah Rosnes, who has children at the school and is chair of the parent council.

She said a spike in traffic in the area also raises concerns.

"This is the only through road and then try adding bus loops and kids getting dropped off - it's an accident waiting to happen. We actually had a student get hit by a car on his way to school last week," she said.

She believes an entirely new school should be built to deal with the growth. She hopes to discuss issues with school officials at their next parent council meeting.

The Pembina Trails School Division said it's aware of traffic concerns and is hoping to acquire city land to build an expanded drop-off zone.