The Manitoba government announced the council of experts who will be advising the province on the implementation of the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan.

These advisors come from avariety of backgrounds ranging from environment to economy, said Minister of Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires. The members also have a diverse range of expertise that includes conservation, water, management, recycling, biodiversity, climate change, resource development and local government.

“Our goal is to become the cleanest, greenest and most climate-resilient province in all of Canada. This council will help us achieve that goal,” Squires said.

The responsibilities of the expert advisory council include providing recommendations to the sustainable development minister on programs, polices and measures for the climate and green plan, as well as on greenhouse gas reduction; advising on a carbon savings account; and counseling on water issues that were previously handled by the Manitoba Water Council.

Lockport’s Colleen Sklar will chair the council and Andrew MacSkimming from Winnipeg will serve as the vice-chair. The council also includes Dennis Anderson of Gimli, Jim Irwin of Lake Audy, Ian Gillies of Winnipeg, Karla Guyn of Lockport, Dimple Roy of Winnipeg and Laurie Streich of Winnipeg.

David McLaughlin will serve as technical advisor to the Expert Advisory Council.