A review ordered by the Public Works Committee aims to find out if the City of Winnipeg is getting the best bang for its buck when it comes to snow clearing.

Councillors Ross Eadie and Brian Mayes called for the review.

"In the snow clearing issue definitely in my ward we have lots of complaints," said Eadie.

80 per cent of snow clearing in Winnipeg is done by private contractors.

CUPE, the union representing city employees, says those contractors use older equipment and they are not properly monitored. It wants more of the service done in house by its members.

Brad Sacher, the Winnipeg’s director of public works, says the city does get value for money with the nine separate contracts it tenders out.

"To make a change where we're going to do all the work at the level of service we're trying to provide right now would be hundreds and hundreds of pieces of equipment," said Sacher.

Sacher says the process is competitive and staff inspects and manages the snow clearing efforts.