WINNIPEG -- Classes will be full at Red River College when the school starts teaching how to perform COVID-19 testing.

The college said less than 24 hours after announcing the program, all three sections of the COVID-19 micro-credential course were at capacity.

The program was announced on Wednesday, in partnership with the province, to train more healthcare professionals and healthcare students on how to properly perform a nose swab test for COVID-19.

The school said it originally had enough space for 90 students and that has been completely filled.

"It really does demonstrate the responsiveness of our community as well and willingness of people to come and learn something new so that they can help the community in the fight against COVID-19," said RaeAnn Thibeault, who is the executive director of academics at Red River College.

There is also a waitlist in place and the school is working with the provincial government to add more sections as needed.

Thibeault said the school will make the decision next week whether more slots need to be made available.

"We will offer as many sections as we need to ensure our province has the necessary human resource capacity for the testing centres across Manitoba."

The first cohort for the class, which is 30 students, is scheduled to start on Monday.

Thibeault said she wants to thank all the staff at the college for getting this course up and running and helping the province during this time of need.

Those still looking to register for the class can do so online