It's that time of year again, when road closures seem to be at every turn in Winnipeg.

One lane is down on Mission Street for repairs. Add a train at Panet Road into the mix, and traffic can get bogged down.

Not far away, construction related to an undperass project is also slowing the pace on Archibald Street, only adding to the gridlock.

"This area is extremely problematic," said driver Jeff Olafson

Olafson, stuck in a lineup on Mission, questioned why two major arteries in close proximity would be worked on at the same time.

"There would have been proper oversight if they'd actually took the time to see how much congestion they're actually creating here. Scheduling is a problem here,” Olafson said.

The city said with 150 construction projects slated for this year, delays are expected. It said work is prioritized based on the condition of the street, traffic counts and bus routes.

To mitigate congestion, the city said it tries to minimize work on alternate routes to lessen the impact on traffic in the area. Traffic signal lights are adjusted as needed, and lane closures are limited during peak periods.

Driver Shirley Lozinski cuts through parking lots to avoid Pembina Highway.

"There's construction every year on Pembina. Last year we had it on the other side. This year we have it on this side,” Lozinski said.

However, she's not complaining about the work. Winnipeg is spending $105 million this year to fix crumbling streets. Lozinski understands why all of the construction is necessary.

"We'll appreciate it. We will when it's done, and I mean what else can they do? They can't do it in the winter."