WINNIPEG - Manitoba NDP Leader Greg Selinger says his Tory opponent should come clean with details about health-care privatization.

Selinger says now that Brian Pallister has said some health-care services could be done with the private sector, he should specify what is on the table -- user fees, home care or other items.

Selinger says voters need to know before they cast ballots in Tuesday's provincial election.

Pallister says he wants to look at creative ways to cut waiting lists in health care, and there are areas where private involvement might help.

He says details would be worked out following a review of the health-care system and consultations with front-line workers.

Pallister also laid out his plans today for his first 100 days in office, if he is elected premier.

He says he would move quickly to shrink the provincial cabinet by one-third, start an audit of government spending, and join a trade agreement with the other western provinces.