WINNIPEG -- Residents of St. Andrew's Place, a 55-plus condo building in Winnipeg, are speaking out about some unwanted guests in their building.

Dave Comeau, whose mother lives in the building, said he's noticed a lot of people squatting in the last couple of months.

"Pure daylight (using) needles, you say something and they look at you like you're nobody, like this is their home, not your home," he said

Comeau said the building used to have security, but not anymore.

For the last month, he's been staying with his mother because she doesn't feel safe.

"She's been really nervous," said Comeau. "The banging at night, the smashing of machines, the darkness in the hallways, cameras being broken."

Carol, another resident in the building who didn't want to use her name out of fear of being identified, has been nervous too.

She's lived in St. Andrew's Place for 8 years, and late Saturday night, someone kicked in her door and tried to enter her suite.

"There's no safety for any of us," Carol said. "I come out the door, I don't know if somebody is around the corner, I go take out the garbage you don't know who's sleeping in there, doing needles or whatever in there."

Richard, who also didn't want to use his last name, has lived in the building for 15 years.

Recently, he witnessed drug use in the laundry room and people using in common areas like a bathroom.

He believes they need more support on-site.

"I don't feel safe here anymore. (We need) better locks, 24/7 security, we need that for sure," said Richard.

CTV News reached out to Sam Management Inc., the company that manages St. Andrew's Place, for comment but didn't get a reply.

Comeau wants to see repairs made to the long list of vandalized items and more security in the building before it's too late.

"They need help in here badly," he said. Someone is going to get hurt, it's a matter of time, it's going to happen."