WINNIPEG -- Many homes in southern Manitoba are without power as high winds have knocked tree branches onto powerlines.

In a tweet on Sunday evening, Manitoba Hydro said many customers are experiencing outages.

Kent Holden is staying at his cottage in Grausdin Point, Man., near Lac du Bonnet. He said the wind there is something he's never experienced in the 30 years of visiting the area.

"Trees are snapping everywhere," said Holden. "I'm surprised we still have power."

He said a tree uprooted and fell on his neighbour's home.

Holden estimates that the waves on the lake are reaching up to six feet.

"Someone was yelling that the dock was breaking, and we go down and see these huge waves," Holden said. 


Large waves have taken boards off of the dock and swept away the water slide. (Source: Kelly Bishop)

Environment Canada has issued several wind warnings for southern Manitoba, including the City of Winnipeg.

The weather service is advising of strong northwesterly winds of 50-60 kilometres an hour, with gusts reaching 80-90 kilometres an hour.

Environment Canada said the wind should diminish early this evening.

According to Manitoba Hydro, people should always assume a downed power line is live.

If your power is lost, Manitoba Hydro asks that you report it online