The Rural Municipality of St. Andrews has issued a Code Red emergency alert as an ice jam on the Red River moves north.

St. Andrews Mayor George Pike said water levels have not changed since the jam moved.

He called the code red precautionary, and said a plan is in place and emergency responders have been notified.

Long-time Breezy Point resident Roxane Anderson was notified about the Code Red and told to be ready for an emergency evacuation.

"I wasn't worried ‘til one o'clock when the R.M. of St Andrews sent out a Code Red and let us know that we should… That there is an ice jam and that the water is low, that the R.M. has some supplies on hand to help, but that we should take every precaution to protect ourselves," said Anderson.

Anderson’s home was damaged in the 2009 flood.

She believes increased drainage into the Red River is causing more flooding in her area.

Anderson said historically, areas like Breezy Point were not flood prone.