The Crown announced Saturday it will not appeal the Mark Stobbe not-guilty verdict handed down almost a month ago.

Stobbe was charged with killing his wife Beverly Rowbotham with a hatchet in their St. Andrews backyard in October 2000.

The former political advisor maintained his innocence throughout the trial and a jury acquitted him of murder on March 29.

Now, the Crown said in a statement, it will not appeal the verdict.

Tim Killeen, Stobbe's lawyer, told CTV News he's not surprised by the decision. "I think they knew that they had to establish that there had been some error, and that it was really just a waste of time to advance arguments that would clearly not have any success whatsoever," Killeen said.

Prosecutors in Manitoba and British Columbia conducted a review and found there were no grounds for them to appeal the acquittal.

The Crown noted in order to appeal the verdict some legal error that would have had an impact on the jury's decision would have had to be made. The Crown said there was not.

"I assume that they reviewed the transcript of the decisions and found that they were all completely correct," said Killeen.