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Tall grass and dandelions creating eyesore in Winnipeg

One Winnipeg resident said the boulevards in her Richmond West neighbourhood are overrun with tall grass and dandelions, creating an eyesore.

“It’s really gross, and it’s extremely long and we live on the park back there, we can’t even get out our back gate open because the grass is so high,” said Morgan Richardson

Richardson and other area homeowners would like to see the grass and weeds chopped down.

“It’s out of control and it’s been weeks,” she said.

Tori Mallo agrees with what Richardson is saying.

“It’s ridiculous, I mean it’s quite long, it’s longer than I’ve seen it in the last few years” said Mallo.

Mowing cycles are supposed to range between 10 and 14 days.

In a statement the City of Winnipeg said the unprecedented rain this year has created challenges.

“We are currently more than halfway through our first mowing cycle. We have suspended accepting new service requests to 311 related to tall grass on public land until after June 20,” the city said.

Coun. Matt Allard said the larger issue is parks and green spaces are growing, but the mowing budget is not.

“That means the mowing cycles go up, and the grass gets longer,” said Allard

Allard wants the city to consider planting other types of vegetation that don’t require regular cutting on new boulevards and less- travelled green spaces.

“Things like White Dutch Clover and other plants have an aesthetic similar to grass but that may not require the same level of maintenance,” said Allard.

Mallo said the city would have to get into the weeds on the idea to see if it is worth it.

“Is it going to cost more money to put it in rather than pay to cut it every week or so?” said Mallo.

Richardson is partial to what’s already planted.

“I mean the grass is nice if it’s maintained, it always looks really good,” said Richardson.

A city committee is set to discuss Allard’s plan for a grass alternative next week. Top Stories

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