A teenage girl who went for a fatal joyride with eight of her best friends over the weekend, regrets what she and her friends did.

The thirteen year old told CTV she and her friends were drinking and driving, and the driver didn’t have a licence.

She said they began drinking at noon, Friday, and continued to party all night, until the truck her 13-year-old friend had stolen from her parents, flipped early Saturday morning, killing two girls and injuring the others.

“I regret it,” the teen said.

“Drinking and driving is really dangerous. You don't know if you lose control while driving. Accidents can happen real fast,” she said. “I want to go to Winnipeg and visit by friends in the hospital. Last time I saw them, they were in pain on the road.”

The Chief of the Bloodvein First Nation, Roland Hamilton, confirmed 13-year-old Blossom Scott and 14-year-old Abwii Kennedy died in the rollover.

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RCMP confirm three other teens were airlifted to hospital in Winnipeg, where they are now in stable condition.

Blossom Scott’s mom said she feels lost.

She described her daughter as a shy girl who loved her friends and family.

“Especially her cousins that got into the accident too,” Ernestine Dunsford said.

“Her birthday was coming up next month. She would’ve been 14 if she was still here.”

RCMP said a few of the teens were in the ‘box’ of the truck when the collision occurred.

They are still investigating the contributing factors in the collision.