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The emergency kits helping with animal care in remote areas


One Manitoba charity is helping to equip RCMP officers with the tools they need to help care for animals in remote, isolated, or northern areas of the province.

The Manitoba Animal Alliance (MAA) puts together emergency RCMP packs with supplies that include Pedialyte, Gravol, puppy formula, nursing bottles, puppy food, pee pads, and more.

The reason for these packs is that officers in remote communities are tasked with assisting injured animals, but don’t always have immediate access to veterinary care. Now, with these supplies and guidance from the MAA, they can help stabilize injured animals until they are placed into proper care.

“We can be that in-between person to help the RCMP with the tools that they need to help stabilize,” said Debra Vandekerkhove, managing director of the Manitoba Animal Alliance.

“That’s really how the idea got off the ground and that’s how we started…We’re filling a gap between the province and the RCMP officers that are struggling with emergencies and stray animals that are starving and not having the support as to what to do.”

Vandekerkhove said the kits are life savers for the animals, but also provide a support system for the RCMP officers. She said the officers see a lot of trauma and injured animals, which can be hard on their well-being.

“Whatever we can put together and coordinate and talk with them, no matter how difficult the case is, they have us to lean on,” she said.

“They are human and they try to help animals as much as they can, but there are just some times when you just simply can’t and they have us to hang on to.”

The emergency RCMP packs are especially important in the winter when it can sometimes take a few days before an animal can be flown out.

This week, the MAA is heading up north to deliver 4,500 lbs of dog food to the RCMP.

- With files from CTV’s Devon McKendrick. Top Stories

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