WINNIPEG -- Veda Koncan can’t drive to work like she would prefer, after waking up Sunday to an unpleasant surprise.

"I was about to start driving when I realized something was off," said Koncan. "The front wheel was missing off my car."

Koncan’s first reaction was to make a Facebook post on the Winnipeg West End Resident’s group page, hoping someone may have found her missing tire.

"Someone commented this morning that they found a tire, but I went to check it out and unfortunately it wasn’t my tire."

What she did find was someone in the same situation.

Kevin Bergen lives one street over from Koncan, and last Wednesday he found himself one tire short.

"I let the dogs out and the car was sitting funny, it kind of had a tilt to it," said Bergen. "I walked out, took a look and the wheel was missing."

Car missing tire

Kevin Bergen's vehicle missing a tire (Source: Kevin Bergen)

Bergen also went to Facebook to share what happened. He was looking to buy his tire back, no questions asked.

"I put a reward out for 40$, thinking okay, that’s more than someone’s going to get for scrap or if they sold it to someone else."

When he didn't hear back about his tire, he decided to buy a used one and put it on himself.

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) said tire theft isn’t common, but it does happen. They recommend you put locking lugs on your tires, and if any parts are stolen from your car, report it to MPI and the Winnipeg Police Service. 

MPI said if your tires are stolen you’ll be compensated, however, compensation will reflect the condition of the remaining tires.

Koncan’s car is in the shop getting a new tire, she said she feels empathy for the person who stole it.

"A tire is a trivial item of personal property for me," said Koncan. "I think the social issues that lead to that kind of crime are a far greater concern."