True North Sports & Entertainment unveiled its newest, and cutest, recruit on Wednesday – Rocky.

The pup is currently in training with the security team.

David Bessason, the head of the security dog program, found Rocky at Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue.

Bessason said his pooches need to have energy, tenacity and intelligence, and Rocky fits the bill.

“I probably tested, like, 150, 200 dogs easy. He’s the top three I’ve ever tested in 30 years,” he said.

The dog’s life hasn’t always easy, in fact, the 15-month-old pup had a rocky road before he came to True North.

He was a stray, passed over by three owners, and endured abuse.

According to Colleen Holloway from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue, the task of finding him a permanent home was never easy. 

“Finding a home for Rocky was becoming a needle in a haystack. We wanted him to be in a place where he could succeed and not put anyone at risk,” she said.

Rocky is definitely succeeding.

According to Bessason, he’s so good at his job, he’s already a year and a half ahead of schedule.

“These are high-drive dogs with issues. Not everyone can train them. Not everyone can have them, so it’s nice to give Rocky a new home,” he said.

Bessason said Rocky should be out in full force in a few months.

- With files from CTV’s Jason Gaidola