Vita-Mix Corp. has recalled two containers made to be used with blenders after one Canadian consumer ended up with stitches.

The recall pertains to Ascent and Venturist eight-ounce and 20-ounce blending containers that are used with Vitamix Venturist Model 1200 and Ascent blenders. The products have a black base with a Vitamix logo written on the side.

The affected containers have blade date codes, which are etched into the top of the blade, from March 2018 or earlier. If the base of the blade is marked on the bottom with a green or orange dot, then it has already been repaired.

The recalled items pose a danger because the container is able to separate from the base, which exposes the blade and can lead to cuts and wounds.

As of July 31, there was one report in Canada of a consumer cutting their fingers on the blades after the container and blade separated, which resulted in stitches. The company has received 11 similar reports in the United States.

Approximately 5, 332 of the recalled containers were distributed for sale in Canada and around 104, 000 were manufactured for sale in the United States.

The affected products were sold between April 2017 and July 2018.

Anyone who has purchased these blending containers is advised to stop using them and contact Vita-Mix for a free repair kit.