WINNIPEG -- Most Winnipeggers are enjoying the warm weather, but some are hoping the cold comes back.

The above average weather is becoming a problem for fans of outdoor skating rinks as community rinks are having to close due to poor ice conditions.

Tyler Dalal and his sister were getting some practice time in at their local outdoor rink Monday afternoon.

"It's very nice out today. It's sunny. It's just the right conditions to be playing outside," said Dalal.

That nice weather is a problem for the community centre that maintains the ice.

The Linden Woods Community Centre said it was forced to close the rink for several hours over the weekend

"This past weekend when we had temperatures above zero, we restricted the hours from 12 to 5 p.m.," said Jennifer Zyla, the general manager of Linden Woods Community Centre.

Warm temperatures create soft ice which can be damaged easily by skaters.

Zyla said the centre will have to close the rink again and for longer hours if temperatures continue to climb.

"As it warms up we'll restrict the hours during the warmest parts of the day and then hopefully it will be cool enough in the mornings and the evenings," she said. 

Zyla said the community has been very respectful and understanding of the closures so far.

Despite notoriously cold winters and the nickname "Winterpeg," Zyla claims the skating season is relatively short, 

"If you think about, really December through March is pretty much your time frame for ice skating." 

Dalal knows the ice is set to melt soon and is enjoying all the ice time he can get – no matter the conditions.

"I'm having lots of fun, just getting outside and playing," he said. 

The community centre hopes to keep the ice in usable condition until the second week of March.

The temperature is expected to drop over the course of the week, but will rise back up on the weekend.