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‘We'd have to strip her down’: Insurance issues concerning mobile home owner in Manitoba


A mobile home owner could potentially be out thousands of dollars after learning her home might not be insurable.

Inside of Gloria Prichard’s RM of Norfolk Treherne mobile home, everything has been redone – from sewage, to wiring, to a new roof.

There’s only one thing left for complete her top to bottom renovation, excluding the frame.

"Once the siding is up that's it. There's nothing left to do on the trailer,” Pritchard said.

The 74-year-old returned to the workforce three years ago to pay for renovations for the 49-year-old home. But after a visit to her insurance broker - she learned her home insurance expires when her home turns 50.

"He hasn't even found another agency that would insure. So at this point there is nobody. So what do you do?"

Rob de Pruis, the national director of consumer and industry relations for Insurance Bureau of Canada, says many agencies are hesitant to insure mobile homes once they turn 30.

"Components are at least 30 years old and sometimes more,” de Pruis said. “Because insurance is about risk it could be a bit more difficult to find the right insurance coverage."

de Pruis says it is possible to insure an older mobile home - and documented improvements will help.

The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company - a company Pritchard had hoped to insure with, says in a prepared statement they do not insure older mobile homes.

"Older mobile homes have different coverage needs than Wawanesa is set up to provide,” it said. “We recommend that anyone with an older mobile home work with an independent insurance broker, as they are in the best position to help find the right insurance coverage."

Pritchard says if she can't insure it - she will lose her investments if something happens to the home or she moves.

"I would of course live in it as long as I can and then when I'm ready to move or pass on, then we'd have to strip her down,” she said.

Pritchard worries for other mobile home owners, including her neighbours who live in older mobile homes, might be unaware of the insurance issue.

For those who do have an older mobile home - the Insurance Bureau of Canada recommends bringing documents and photographs of home improvements to insurance brokers - and to shop around. Top Stories

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