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Why climate action groups are calling for geothermal heating in Manitoba


Manitoba’s Climate Action Team (CAT) is calling on Manitoba Hydro to create a geothermal utility as a way to save residents money and reduce electricity demand.

“We have to understand that within a few short years, we won’t be able to heat our buildings with natural gas. Let that sink in,” said Curt Hull, project director of Climate Change Connection, in an interview on Friday.

“And if that’s the case, we have to accept it as a fact and plan for it. It’s not a pie in the sky scenario, that’s a reality that’s coming”

According to CAT, a ground-source geothermal infrastructure would provide carbon-free, year-round heating and cooling. It notes that it would also lower energy bills and cut the demand on the energy grid.

Hull added that going forward, Manitoba needs to use electricity as efficiently as possible.

“The most efficient use of electricity for heat is through geothermal,” he said.

“What we’re suggesting is that the only practical way and that the only affordable way for us to do that is for the geothermal district heating system to be managed by a utility.”

CAT added that ground-source geothermal is used in thousands of Manitoba homes and many buildings, including Manitoba Hydro’s head office in downtown Winnipeg.

- With files from CTV’s Glenn Pismenny. Top Stories

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