A Winnipeg man fought a photo enforcement ticket and won.

Danial Mercer challenged the fine he got in April 2015 for speeding in a school zone.

He's now suggesting other Winnipeggers think twice before paying up.

Mercer was driving on Harrow Street south of McMillan Avenue on the afternoon of April 6, 2015 to visit family.

Weeks later he got an unpleasant surprise in the mail, a $299 fine for speeding in a school zone.

"I said to my wife 'I'm sure I wasn't speeding through that school zone,'” said Mercer. Then when I looked it up on Google Maps Street View I was very surprised to see I was correct."

Mercer was accused of going 49 kilometres per hour in a 30 km/h zone.

The school zone signs aren't visible in the photo he got with his ticket.

He doesn't deny his car's the one captured by photo radar equipment but he said he'd already passed through the school zone when the camera caught him speeding.

"You can see my car's way out of the school zone, I'm not in there," said Mercer.

He gathered his own photo evidence to fight his case by using the photos from Google Maps Street View to show where the school zone ends and where his car was when he got the ticket.

He brought the photos to his court date last week and showed the judge.

The Crown stayed the charges against Mercer.

"I honestly just wanted to throw my arms up and go 'wooo!’ but I just held my composure got up and said 'that's it? Good.' And I left," said Mercer. “I waited a year and a half for this moment. I knew I was going to win."

Mercer now wonders how many more people may be innocent.

"Google Map Street Views Make sure you double check, do your due diligence. Make sure you look."

He said he fought the case based on principle and not because he didn't want to pay the fine.

"If I had just trusted the fact oh well, I guess they said I'm speeding I'm speeding, pay it. No. I knew I wasn't, I looked it up, and I was right."

Mercer had to take time off the work to go to court.

While he wishes he didn't have to go in the first place, having the ticket tossed made it worthwhile.

The Winnipeg Police Service tells CTV it is looking into this matter.