WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg woman who was once a newcomer to the country is using her experiences to help others navigate their way into a new life in Canada.

Jackie Truong and her family came from Vietnam two years ago. As newcomers to the country, while they were excited, there was also a huge adjustment.

“We had to get back to reality and learn how to adapt to a new culture and environment, especially the cold weather,” said Truong.

With firsthand about how much of a challenge it can be to start a life completely away from anything familiar, Truong created the Facebook group, “Newcomers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.”

The page was created to give newcomers a place to ask for information.

“The members who have more experience can share their information too, and the group really grew fast,” said Truong.

The group has grown to nearly 7,000 members. Since Truong first came to the city, she has enrolled in college classes. Her social media instructor, Julius Banares, said it is important to create a community like this group.

“She really hit the tone with the right content that she is putting in there,” said Banares.

Trevor Pfahl, the group’s administrator, said there is a huge variety of information.

“People ask for work or for housing, but we also give information about how not to get scammed,” said Pfahl.

“I’m proud I can do something for them so it will make it easier for them to get to know the country, get to know the city, and adapt to life here,” said Truong.

More information about the page can be found here.