The Easter Sunday attacks in Colombo, Sri Lanka has a Winnipeg connection.

Kusum Weerathunga lives in Winnipeg, but her family lives a town away from where the bombings occurred and she said they frequently visit the capital.

The coordinated bombings of churches and hotels left 321 people dead and 500 people injured at last count.

Sri Lankan police say 40 people are in custody.

When Weerathunga finally got in touch with her brother by phone, she learned her family is safe, but a school friend and his wife died in the attack.

Their daughter is now an orphan.

Weerathunga is now trying to make sense of the violence.

“We didn't have any kind of these kinds of problems. I don't know why all of a sudden people like to separate religions and ethnic groups. I don't know why they expect from this,” she said.

Weerathunga said a funeral was held Monday for her friend and his wife.

Police believe all suicide bombers were Sri Lankan, but also believe the group responsible had support from outside organizations.