A 21-year-old Winnipeg woman has turned to profanity-laced posters around the Sherbrook-Osborne area in hopes of being reunited with her bike.

"I really don't know why you'd want it," said Sarah Arksey, the owner of the 15-year-old bike. "It has quite a few broken parts."

Arksey said her bike was chained to her fence Saturday afternoon, and when she returned home that night around 11 p.m., it was gone.

That’s when she decided to make up posters asking people to contact her about her stolen bike. Arksey said she opted to make the posters profane, hoping to catch peoples’ attention.

She even went so far as to offering a reward for whoever brings her bike back.

“I will buy you a beer. I was serious,” said Arksey.

She said she’s had no leads on where her bike could be, but she said she’s had quite a few calls.

“I have had quite a few people calling me offering me their bikes, which is awesome.”