The 15-month-old polar bear known as Hudson has arrived safely in Winnipeg from Toronto.

The polar bear will make his temporary home at the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre, before becoming an inhabitant of the Assiniboine Park Zoo’s Journey to Churchill exhibit, set to open in 2014.

Hudson is the first polar bear acquired for the exhibit.

“Hudson is in good spirits after making the trip from Toronto”, said Tim Sinclair-Smith, director of zoological operations at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. “All indications are that it will be a smooth transition as he adapts to his new surroundings.”

Zoo officials said the flight from Toronto that Hudson was on arrived at Winnipeg's airport around 2 a.m. on Jan. 29.

The zoo said Hudson will need some time to adapt to his new home. A date for when the public will be able to see him has not yet been set.